PigzLabs - Pigs Vs Wolves

We are a group of friends in love with NFT projects and cryptocurrency in general. Some of us have at least 20 years of friendship and we want to share this passion with you. More than that, our team includes multidisciplinary talents, computer science engineers, managements and entrepreneurs. Pigs Vs Wolves is the first Master Collection of the Pigz Labs team, stay with us to discover our 3 editions. We are planning a lot of things, security and be Doxxed. Our goal is to bring together a large number of investors in the same channel to evaluate and dox them according to our policy. Bring more security on the web3 and regularization to this industry which lacks it. And after, our lore is great, could we really switch to a video game one day? Or are we going to stay with IT services. We are not quite sure yet. But utilities are what make the NFT project work.


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Pigs Vs Wolves

Wolves Editions

Thu Jun 29 2023 - Future

  • 🐺 Lore collections
  • 🐺 Star-up project : Add Staking
  • 🐺 Introduce the tokens
  • 🐺 Giveaways
  • 🐺 Free mint for OGs members
  • 🐺 Collaborations with Game Industries

Pigs Vs Wolves

Pigs Edition

Mon Feb 05 2024 - Present

  • 🐖 Lore collections
  • 🐖 Star-up project: Utility Website
  • 🐖 Giveaways
  • 🐖 Collaborations with IT Industries
  • 🐖 Airdrops for holder for future collection
  • 🐖 Free mint for OGs members
  • 🐖 We Planning to get Doxxed


Core Team will NEVER DM YOU first

Happyboi - Recruitment Manager

Godwill - Lead, Collab Manager

SworZ - Co-Founder, Developer

ArkeroX - Co-Founder, Director


Roadmap: Pigs Edition

Through this first collection, main utilities is to improve security on the web3. Your NFT, pigs, is the key to use our services. We are planning something that no other player is aware of, in this industry.